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SAILING: 17th Mooloolaba Etchells Winters Australasian Championship

07. Juni 2013, 22:03

Etchells Australasian Winter Titles A hard place to win

Veteran Etchells sailor Steve Jarvin, aka Mothy, is not sailing at this regatta, but told North Star skipper Michael Coxon a few days ago that looking at the fields it would be harder to win in Australasian Winter Championships in Mooloolaba this year than in the Worlds in Italy. Etchells Day 1 Australasian Winter Titles 2013 Etchells Australasian Winter Media.  »

30. April 2013, 11:03

Mooloolaba Etchells Winters - Will this be the year history is made?

17th Mooloolaba Etchells Winters Australasian Championship, June 6-9th 2013.

Entries are open with eight teams already registering (some of these have not yet hit the website list) with two Etchells Winter winners already aiming to make history, both the 2012 Etchells World Champion Tom King (2011 Winter Champion) and last years winter winner Matthew Chew (part of Jason Muirs 2009 World Champion team) being the first of many expected to enter this year.  »